Canwest Does Not Understand Specialty Channels

Canwest owns several channels in Canada including Global, CH, and Prime. Unfortunately everything they touch turns to crap.

This complaint is about how they don’t seem to understand the concept of specialty channels. Prime is the Canadian counterpart to DejaView, airing classic shows from a long time ago. Canwest however thinks that a second channel is a video “bit bucket” or “junk drawer”, a place to store extra stuff. Besides airing old shows on Prime, they also air reruns of current shows (as recent as just 3 days ago). For example they will air an episode of some show (often reality shows) on Global during the regular time-slot, then show the episode again on Prime on the weekend. This may be fine for viewers of those shows who missed an episode, but it is ridiculous for the people who actually pay the extra money for the specialty channel and get which airs current shows instead of the classic shows they expected.

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