eBay browser-extension/userscript

We’re releasing a userscript to enhance eBay (or make it even usable at all ¬_¬).

The current version provides the following features:

  • For auction listings, adds the remaining time (under one hour, updated each second) to the page title, and thus the title-bar of the window and taskbar button of the browser
  • On the Watch List, removes the “ITEM PRICE:” text from Buy-It-Now listings and highlights in green the number of bids on auction listings
  • Adds “ - eBay” to the end of the title of all pages (to facilitate organization of screenshots)

Features to look forward to in future versions include:

  • Playing an audible alarm when auction listings get down to 30, 20, and 10 seconds remaining

You’ll need a browser-extension like TamperMonkey, ViolentMonkey, or GreaseMonkey in order to use it.

*Currently only supports US and Canada eBay sites.

[FiberCoptics] CPULED

Our hardware division FiberCoptics is preparing to begin selling our CPULED device which has been used internally for many years. It is a peripheral that attaches to the parallel port and displays CPU load on an LED array. It comes with a highly configurable software controller.

We have not yet set a price point for it and are determining how much interest there is for this device. For more information please contact us.

Now We’re Rolling

Things are really starting to roll at Synetech inc. PlasmaSoft is churning out apps at a greater rate thanks to better streamlining and a more established work pipeline.

Other divisions are gearing up too, but the focus is currently on software development and trying to get some of the many projects ready for public use.

Look forward to an internal blog system, forums, and a wiki in the near future, all of which will allow for much more productivity, and user feedback.

Not Extinct

Hello all,

This is an update to announce that despite rumors, Synetech inc. is not gone. The low profile is due to several factors but rest assured that Synetech inc. is still alive and will return in due time.

We are working hard to finish the new website which will be not only standards compilant to allow everyone to use it, but will be packed full of great features. We are also working on many projects which we hope to bring you soon.

Our intent is not to become another 3DRealms 😉 but we are a little understaffed at the moment and are working as fast as possible. I'm sure the wait will be worth it.

Thank you for your patience.


Website Down For Now But Production Continuing

Unfortunately our host Rogers has withdrawn their webspace services. Since the ISP is no longer providing webspace we will have to move the website—and all on-line content—somewhere else. We are currently looking for a good host but are finding few candidates. Until then the website will be inaccessible but production on all of Synetech inc.'s products and services will continue.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to be back up and running soon.