AutoHotkey Pong


This is the classic game of Pong, implemented in AutoHotkey.



Player 1: W , S
Player 2:  , 
Quit    : Escape




In 2014, I got stuck playing League of Angels for much, much longer than I was planning. I figured I’d try it for a few minutes and ended up playing for about 1.5 years. 🤦 In March, they had a St. Patrick’s Day event in which they gave away the Iron Wings for free. However, I missed it because I was out of bandwidth for that month and I wasn’t about to give my horrible ISP absurd overage fees, so I had to cut my Internet for two days until the new billing cycle. Because in a game like that, missing even a single day will make you fall behind the other players, I had to try to find an Internet connection. Therefore, I took my laptop to the library. Unfortunately, when I got there, I couldn’t figure out how to connect, I couldn’t find the password and because of my intense social-anxiety-disorder, I couldn’t ask. I didn’t feel like walking back, so I figured I’d stay and use my laptop there amongst people. I didn’t have a plan for what to do while I was there, so I thought I’d do a little programming. I’m not sure how I came to it—probably just a random thought—but I ended up deciding to implement the classic game of Pong in AutoHotkey for some reason. About an hour, and a lot of tweaking later, I was finished, I had made pong in a hotkey-making automation scripting language (hey, cut me some slack; it’s difficult to use the laptop’s built-in keyboard). Five years later, I made an icon and compiled it, and now it’s being released.

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