…is Stan Smith based on Robert Z’Dar?

Robert Z'Dar and Stan Smith standing back-to-back
Robert Z’Dar in Maniac Cop and Stan Smith from American Dad

(I couldn’t find any information about Seth MacFarlane specifically basing American Dad‘s Stan Smith on Robert Z’Dar—especially in Maniac Cop—but the similarity is obvious. I have seen Family Guy mention Robert Z’Dar, so he definitely knows about him, but that that doesn’t prove anything, maybe he became aware of Z’Dar after someone pointed out Stan Smith’s similarity to him later.)

…is Inner Circle’s “Sweat (A La La La La Long)” about (anal) rape? 🤨

It’s painfully obvious, it’s not even thinly-veiled, it’s outright overt:

“I want to make you sweat” – sex
“Looking in your big brown eye” singular – anal-sex
“If you cry out I’m gonna push it some more” – non-consensual
“So I say to myself if she loves me or not” – non-consensual

The music-video doesn’t discount the lyrics; they made that after the song was written and obviously couldn’t portray a guy anally raping a woman; in fact, they may have done the video like that to deflect the implication.

I’d been looking askance at the song Baby It’s Cold Outside for decades, but I never heard anyone else talking about the obvious problems with it until 2017 when the #MeToo movement blew up. I wonder how long it will take for people to start questioning this song. ¬_¬