“All Over the Phone”

Last week I was watching a television show in which a character met up with another one to discuss something. When the first character found out what the second one wanted to tell him, he said:

That’s it? You could have said this all over the phone.

Really? He could have said it all over the phone? How about all over the floor? All over the counter? All over his body? What he should have said is:

That’s it? You could have said all (of) this over the phone.

Apparently even professional writers have trouble with the English language. 🙄

Excel Gum Plush Dolls

If Wrigley is smart, they will create plush dolls of their donut, coffee, garlic, and onion characters from their line of commercials for their Excel Gum campaign . The little characters are cute and people have become fond of them. Making dolls would be a great merchandising move on their part. In fact, it it seems that some people have already made their own plush dolls and plastic figurines, though professionally made ones would look better.

[Architecture] High Ceilings

High ceilings are a waste of vertical space. Instead of building, say, a 60′ house with two 30′ foot high floors, make that 60′ house have three 20′ high floors (numbers obviously just placeholders; the idea is what matters).

With area at a premium due to humankind’s ever increasing population and expansion (even for their dead!) on this finitely sized planet, we have to make the most of vertical space (like those 1,000 story high space-scrapers you see in sci-fi movies). Don’t waste space with high ceilings which have little use anyway, other than to provide space for impossible to reach cobwebs and making difficult and expensive to heat rooms (especially with electric heaters).