Panderverse Kenny was done incorrectly

In the South Park episode/special “Joining the Panderverse”, Matt and Trey mocked the Hollywood trend of providing minorities with “representation” by lazily race- and gender-swapping existing characters instead of bothering to create new characters. They race- and gender-swapped all of the show’s characters so that everybody was an adult female lesbian of color (were they still fourth-graders despite being adult women? 🤨)

The plot aside, there was one thing they definitely messed up. The east-Asian lesbian Kenny talked. I suppose that could make sense since it’s a parallel-universe, but it would have worked a lot better if the “edgy” Kenny with the color streaks in her hair had shown up with a swollen lip and when asked what happened, unintelligibly mumbled that she pierced her lip and it got infected. That way, she could mumble throughout the episode and it would be consistent with the plot and the alternate-reality version of Kenny. Duh. 🤦

Panderverse Kenny Should've Had a Swolen Pierced Lip