“Plenty of Fish” title fixer userscript

Plenty of Fish title fixer user-script


The match-making site Plenty of Fish has unfortunately updated to a horrible new design which is not only ugly, but worse, completely broken and almost completely dysfunctional. One of the biggest new problems with the site is that all of the profile pages now have the page title POF – Profile and don’t include the person’s name, location, or interests like they used to. This means that when you look through your browser history, you won’t be able to find someone because they all have the same page title.


This user-script adds the user-name of a person’s profile to the page title so that you can differentiate them in the browser history to make easier (or at all possible) to find a specific profile in the history.

(You’ll need a browser-extension like TamperMonkey, ViolentMonkey, or GreaseMonkey in order to use it.)


POF Title Fixer


Q: Is this userscript actually necessary, can’t you just report this issue to POF and have them fix it?
A: In my experience, POF has terrible support. I’ve reported numerous bugs to them and they either ignore it, can’t understand the problem no matter how hard I try to explain it to them, or just don’t care. Therefore, I wouldn’t hold your breath on getting this fixed, so unfortunately, this userscript is indeed necessary. (Though considering how badly they’ve ruined the site and how almost completely useless it’s become, the best solution may be to just stop using the site altogether and use something else. Unfortunately, almost every other site requires a paid subscription in order to make contact, and are thus completely worthless. The only other site that lets you make contact for free is OKCupid.)


Browser history of POF pages with profile names, locations, and interests
POF used to include the name, location, and interests of profiles in the page title, thus making it easy to search for profiles in the browser history
Browser history of POF pages with all the same title
POF’s page titles no longer include any information, are useless, and make it difficult to search for specific profiles in the browser history
Browser history with POF profiles with usernames
This user-script adds usernames to POF page titles so that you can actually find them in the browser history

One thought to ““Plenty of Fish” title fixer userscript”

  1. Since Match.com bought POF and OKC and pretty much every other dating site, they’ve been making changes that ruin the sites. One change is that they new now REQUIRE a cell-phone number so that they can text you an SMS code to “verify” your account (why they can’t just use a CAPTCHA or a voice phone or email bypass or whatever, only they know, but obviously they really want your cell-phone number). I don’t have a cell-phone, so I cannot create an account after I deleted my old account, so I won’t be able to test, update, or fix the script. 🤷 (Technically, I can create an account, but they don’t demand the cell-phone number until after they make you give them a lot of personal information and photos and stuff, after which they lock you out of your account—you can’t even edit or delete the account or even log out!—until you give them a cell-phone number. 😒)

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