eBay browser-extension/userscript

We’re releasing a userscript to enhance eBay (or make it even usable at all ¬_¬).

The current version provides the following features:

  • For auction listings, adds the remaining time (under one hour, updated each second) to the page title, and thus the title-bar of the window and taskbar button of the browser
  • On the Watch List, removes the “ITEM PRICE:” text from Buy-It-Now listings and highlights in green the number of bids on auction listings
  • Adds “ – eBay” to the end of the title of all pages (to facilitate organization of screenshots)

Features to look forward to in future versions include:

  • Playing an audible alarm when auction listings get down to 30, 20, and 10 seconds remaining

You’ll need a browser-extension like TamperMonkey, ViolentMonkey, or GreaseMonkey in order to use it.

*Currently only supports US and Canada eBay sites.

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