Disney Shows Have Gotten Bad and are Poor Examples

Disney shows have been getting worse and worse over the past decade. A while back, from around the mid-90’s to the mid 2000’s, the “mouse network” had some pretty good shows. They had a bunch of amusing cartoons and a few decent live-action shows. Unfortunately, the cartoons have become all but extinct, and the live-action shows have become really inane and are terrible shows with horrible role models for children.

Not surprisingly, the stars of the shows are the children and the adults in them are supporting cast. The problem is that the children tend to be quite rude and disrespectful towards their elders (parents, teachers, etc.) Moreover, the adults are frequently depicted as being stupid and gullible and easily fooled by the scheming, “clever” children.

In addition to stupid adults, they also have a lot of young characters who are stupid as well. This sets a terrible precedent and teaches children that intelligence is not a good thing to be strived for.

The absolute worst of all has to be Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena Gomez’s character Alex Russo is the most despicable character in television history and no parent should ever allow their children to be exposed to that garbage. In addition, Alex’s brother Max is very stupid.

Another problem with a lot of recent Disney shows is that they have a tendency to treat animals poorly. They frequently make references to animals as products like food or slave labor. There are even instances of animals being hurt or killed and their injuries or deaths being dismissed as unimportant, even laughed off. Disney characters have no qualms about using, hurting, or even killing animals, which is disgusting.

Again, Wizards takes the prize because Alex treats animals very poorly with her magic.

Disney shows are targeted towards impressionable young children. Teaching them to be rude and disrespectful of adults and animals is horrible and Disney should be ashamed. They really should be boycotted and forced to improve (boycotting isn’t a big loss because most of the shows are just awful these days anyway).

Don’t Spit On My Show and Call It New Frosting

I really hate it when a network advertises “all new episode”s. It would be acceptable if they did it after a break like the Christmas/New Year break, or something, but to do it for each and every episode, or even worse to do it at the beginning of the season is just riddiculus. Those damned promos make it sound as though they are doing us a favor by airing a new episode instead of a rerun or some other crap when actually they must run a new episode, it’s the freaking beginning of the stupid season; airing a new episode isn’t noteworthy, airing a rerun would be! If anything, it displays a picture of the network’s mindset, that they air so much crap and so many reruns, they have to make a big to-do about any new episodes that manage to slip through the cracks.

Then What Do We Need You For?

Here’s something that you won’t find American networks—or any network run by people with brains—doing.

It’s no secret that Canada is behind many countries in many shows. We get a lot of shows the same time that America gets them, but there are plenty of shows that we get much later, after even non-North American countries (no we’re not still stuck in the 80’s—unfortunately.)

A couple of years ago I was watching an early season two episode of The Shield on Global. After the first act the first commercial break began and I was shocked by the first commercial. It was an advertisement for the DVD box set of season two of The Shield. I could not wrap my mind around it. Why on Earth would they advertise DVDs of the season of the show that they just began airing? Don’t they realize that if the commercial works and their viewer go out and buy them, then they no longer need to watch the show on the network? Unless the money per capita from the ads for the DVD were at least as much as the cumulative revenue of ALL of the ads per capita from that point on to end of the season, then they would be LOSING money. Duh!

Later on Space did the same thing, except worse. In this case it was with Stargate Atlantis. We get most Sci-Fi shows between six months and two years after they air in America. With Stargate Atlantis we got it more than 1½ years later, so imagine my surprise when Space began advertising the season one DVDs (which were just released in America at the time). This was even worse than Global’s blunder. Did they really expect us to watch Atlantis on Space if we get the DVDs? Did they really expect to make any advertising money from the commercials of Atlantis when they finally aired two years later?

[Canadian] networks are quite good at screwing up, but this was a particularly amusing idiotic behavior.