“What happens in Vegas…”

I absolutely abhor the expression What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It is supposed to be a clever, catchy phrase used to promote the cesspool and encourage people to do bad things by implying that there are no consequences for their actions. Bullshit!

Just because you go on vacation does not entitle you to do whatever the hell you want; bad, immoral, or criminal behavior is wrong no matter where you ware.

Here’s just a few examples of things that definitely do not stay in Vegas:

  • Damages – If you “pull” a Hangover and get your car smashed up, the dents won’t come out as soon as you leave the city; you’ll still have to pay to have them fixed
  • Debt – If you gamble with impunity, your losses and debts will not stay behind, they will follow you home
  • Diseases – You can’t slut it up just because you are on vacation in Vegas; anything you catch will go home with you
  • Legal – If you get into legal trouble, you don’t get out of jail free just because your vacation is over; if anything, you might stay in Vegas
  • Death – If you get yourself in trouble and get maimed or killed, it might stay in Vegas if you get buried in the Mojave, otherwise it will stick with your corpse when it is shipped back

Meat Ads that Use Anthropomorphized Animals / “Turkey Day”

I absolutely despise it when commercials that are advertising meat use talking animals to promote their product. It is bad enough that the poor animals being murdered so that people can not only eat to survive, but rather to enjoy a treat. It is bad enough that the commercials glorify killing and eating animals (I can’t stand the ones that show sizzling chunks of dead animal flesh, trying to make it look appealing), but to actually use them in the commercials is just wrong. It is immoral and indecent and often encroaches on cannibalism.

The steak-sauce commercial that has a cow singing to lure you into eating it is sick. The commercial showing cows and chickens trying to convince humans to eat the other is disgusting. And the rest…

In a similar vein, I really hate it when people call Thanksgiving “Turkey Day”. First of all, it masks and dismisses the whole point of Thanksgiving which is to recognize the good in your life and that others are not so lucky, and to be grateful for what you have and to help others. Second, it is even more disrespectful to the turkeys who die on the day. It is bad enough they are dying, but to give the day a “cutesy” name like that makes light of and demeans their deaths.