Get Lost Facebook and Twitter!

Friggin’ social networks!

I have social-anxiety disorder, so I have NO interest in any kind of social garbage, yet Facebook constantly emails me with notices about this and that social crap. It keeps telling me that I may know this or that person even though I have yet to know even a single one of its suggestions (the worst and stupidest thing is when you create a new account with absolutely no information in it and Facebook—and Twitter—immediately start to make presumptuous suggestions about who they think you might know or like).

How can I tell Facebook to piss the hell off and leave me the hell alone?

No option to decline friend requests anymore? Only Yes and Not Now? What the hell is that, forcing people to be “friends”?

Twitter is no better, constantly emailing me to check out feeds of people I have nothing to do with nor any interest in.

Both networks have an option to disable that specific notification at the bottom of the emails, but this means two things:

  • Opting out of the notification only affects that specific type of notification and has no effect on others, so you will continue to receive those (“legitimate” spammers use this sort of trick by letting you unsubscribe from that specific message which means nothing for other, future messages)
  • They automatically opt you in for everything and force you to manually look through the endless list of notifications and manually opt out of anything/everything instead of opting you into only the most important things automatically and letting you choose to add more notifications like a proper site should

Stupid social networks; SHUT UP and behave!

Spam From an Unexpected Source

Last year I signed my mother up for a free subscription to Biography magazine. Little did I know that the “free” came at the expense of being stuck in their system for all eternity.

Every now and then the address I signed up with gets an email from A&E.; I have unsubscribed from the newsletter numerous times, each time receiving a “Successful Unsubscribe” receipt. And yet the emails keep coming. Granted it’s not nearly as much as spammers send, but unwanted mail is unwanted mail, no matter how little it is.

The emails come from different addresses the way that spam does. I have gotten the A&E; newsletters from the following addresses:

They just keep changing the from address and keep on spamming. Apparently you have to unsubscribe from each address separately. Worse still, your address isn’t removed from their system, it’s just flagged for removal from that specific address’ mailing list. Next time that the send the newsletter, they change their from address and send it to you again. Frankly, the unsubscribe option is worthless since they won’t be using that address to send the next one anyway.

It’s very surprising and disappointing that A&E; would resort to spamming and using spamming techniques.

I sent a strongly worded letter through their contact web page demanding that they remove the address from all of their systems permanently. We’ll know whether it worked or not in a month or two.