The Weather is Broken

The weather is broken. This year we did not have winter properly. It did get cold and it did snow, but it was not really winter. Every other day it snows and every other, other day the snow melts and the green grass shows. In fact, yesterday is was lightly rainy and nearly warm, with green grass everywhere. Then, late last night and early this morning it snowed and covered the ground in white. Just a few hours later, it rained ever so briefly (perhaps one or two minutes) causing all the snow to melt and the ground to be green again. The opposite has also happened this “winter”, where it was cold an snowy, but then it got warm very quickly, the grass came out, then went back to being snowy again within a day.

The weather is broken.

Humidity Resurrection

I hate this city. One big reason I hate this city is due to the horrible weather. During the winter it is indeed colder than Hell, but it is the summer that is the worst. This may be Canada but the summer is hotter than Hell. It’s not even just the heat that’s a killer, it’s the humidity. It is so humid that dried flowers and foods that have been rock hard and dry for decades have practically come back to life; really. My mother has plenty of dried flowers, peppers, corn, garlic, herbs, tomatoes, and so on, all of which have become soft, bendy, and re-hydrated. They were all just hanging or lying around various places in her kitchen, and that was enough to rehydrate them.

If dried things can become re-hydrated just by existing here, imagine what happens to something that is already hydrated, say for example a person made mostly of water. I get massive headaches from the sodding humidity here. Of course I hate it here.