Disney Shows Have Gotten Bad and are Poor Examples

Disney shows have been getting worse and worse over the past decade. A while back, from around the mid-90’s to the mid 2000’s, the “mouse network” had some pretty good shows. They had a bunch of amusing cartoons and a few decent live-action shows. Unfortunately, the cartoons have become all but extinct, and the live-action shows have become really inane and are terrible shows with horrible role models for children.

Not surprisingly, the stars of the shows are the children and the adults in them are supporting cast. The problem is that the children tend to be quite rude and disrespectful towards their elders (parents, teachers, etc.) Moreover, the adults are frequently depicted as being stupid and gullible and easily fooled by the scheming, “clever” children.

In addition to stupid adults, they also have a lot of young characters who are stupid as well. This sets a terrible precedent and teaches children that intelligence is not a good thing to be strived for.

The absolute worst of all has to be Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena Gomez’s character Alex Russo is the most despicable character in television history and no parent should ever allow their children to be exposed to that garbage. In addition, Alex’s brother Max is very stupid.

Another problem with a lot of recent Disney shows is that they have a tendency to treat animals poorly. They frequently make references to animals as products like food or slave labor. There are even instances of animals being hurt or killed and their injuries or deaths being dismissed as unimportant, even laughed off. Disney characters have no qualms about using, hurting, or even killing animals, which is disgusting.

Again, Wizards takes the prize because Alex treats animals very poorly with her magic.

Disney shows are targeted towards impressionable young children. Teaching them to be rude and disrespectful of adults and animals is horrible and Disney should be ashamed. They really should be boycotted and forced to improve (boycotting isn’t a big loss because most of the shows are just awful these days anyway).

Meat Ads that Use Anthropomorphized Animals / “Turkey Day”

I absolutely despise it when commercials that are advertising meat use talking animals to promote their product. It is bad enough that the poor animals being murdered so that people can not only eat to survive, but rather to enjoy a treat. It is bad enough that the commercials glorify killing and eating animals (I can’t stand the ones that show sizzling chunks of dead animal flesh, trying to make it look appealing), but to actually use them in the commercials is just wrong. It is immoral and indecent and often encroaches on cannibalism.

The steak-sauce commercial that has a cow singing to lure you into eating it is sick. The commercial showing cows and chickens trying to convince humans to eat the other is disgusting. And the rest…

In a similar vein, I really hate it when people call Thanksgiving “Turkey Day”. First of all, it masks and dismisses the whole point of Thanksgiving which is to recognize the good in your life and that others are not so lucky, and to be grateful for what you have and to help others. Second, it is even more disrespectful to the turkeys who die on the day. It is bad enough they are dying, but to give the day a “cutesy” name like that makes light of and demeans their deaths.

“Population Control”

It is so aggravating when hunters have the audacity to justify killing animals for fun by calling it “population control”. Their argument is that they are “helping” the animals by thinning out their numbers otherwise there would be too many of them, causing their food supply to dwindle and result in their dying of starvation. Right, because nature was doing such a bad job of population control for the past, oh, 3-4 BILLION YEARS before humans were invented. 🙄 There’s already a natural mechanism in place to control population; it’s called the predator-prey cycle. Whether the prey is other animals or plants is irrelevant, the point is that as food supply increases, the population of the animal that eats it increases. As their numbers grow, the food supply decreases, which in turn causes the population to go down and so on and so on, hence the “cycle”. It’s worked just fine for billions of years, so it is incredibly specious and arrogant for humans to act as though they are somehow doing animals a favor by killing them. Worse, if they are giving themselves permission to interfere with nature “for the good of the animals” then why the hell do nature photographers just stand by and let animals die? They argue that they are just filming nature and not getting involved. Well I have to say that you are not Walter Cronkite, and even if you were, so what? What gives humans the right to selectively interfere by shooting deer but let a starving polar bear cub just die?

Like I have been saying for years, the faster that humans go extinct, the better off the entire universe will be.