You’re not that young!

It is so annoying when people act like they don’t know about something because it’s before their time. For example I’ve seen teenagers act like they don’t know what land-lines, phone-booths, beepers, VHS tapes, or answering machines are. Oh whatever. 🙄 You’ve probably had or seen these things when you were a child (or depending on how old you are, even later). They did not become extinct that recently, and you’re not that young!

America and Metric

It aggravates the hell out of me that America eschews the Metric system for several reasons:

  • The Metric system, while not perfect, is vastly superior to and much simpler than the Imperial system that America uses. It is consistent with equal intervals of 10 instead of random ones, which makes it easy to memorize. It uses decimal units (intervals of 10) which makes it easy to use by multiplying or dividing to make larger or smaller units.
  • America always makes such a big deal about how they revolted against the British and abjured their ways, and yet they keep using the Imperial system which, you guessed it, is British!
  • Every other country in the world has had the brains to switch to Metric except for the United States and a couple of third-world countries.

“Population Control”

It is so aggravating when hunters have the audacity to justify killing animals for fun by calling it “population control”. Their argument is that they are “helping” the animals by thinning out their numbers otherwise there would be too many of them, causing their food supply to dwindle and result in their dying of starvation. Right, because nature was doing such a bad job of population control for the past, oh, 3-4 BILLION YEARS before humans were invented. 🙄 There’s already a natural mechanism in place to control population; it’s called the predator-prey cycle. Whether the prey is other animals or plants is irrelevant, the point is that as food supply increases, the population of the animal that eats it increases. As their numbers grow, the food supply decreases, which in turn causes the population to go down and so on and so on, hence the “cycle”. It’s worked just fine for billions of years, so it is incredibly specious and arrogant for humans to act as though they are somehow doing animals a favor by killing them. Worse, if they are giving themselves permission to interfere with nature “for the good of the animals” then why the hell do nature photographers just stand by and let animals die? They argue that they are just filming nature and not getting involved. Well I have to say that you are not Walter Cronkite, and even if you were, so what? What gives humans the right to selectively interfere by shooting deer but let a starving polar bear cub just die?

Like I have been saying for years, the faster that humans go extinct, the better off the entire universe will be.