The problem with cops, soldiers, and guard

It’s no secret that there have been a lot of absolutely horrible things done by cops, soldiers, and prison-guards. Everything from violently arresting and killing black people (too many examples) to beating the crap out of a first-nations chief (Simon Seguin) to throwing puppies off of cliffs (David Motari) to raping children in front of their families and then burning the them alive (Steven D. Green) to making necklaces out of the ears of all their victims (Tiger Force).

The question is why are so many cops, soldiers, and guards so violent and evil? The thing is that this shouldn’t come as a surprise, it should be expected because there are mainly just two types of people who become cops or soldiers or guard:

  • Decent people who want to help make the world a better place by stopping bad guys. (With a sub-type of people who want to get revenge on bad guys who did something to them or those they know.)
  • Violent psychopaths who want to hurt and kill and figure that joining the force(s) is a legal way to do that.

This explains perfectly why a lot of cops, soldiers, and guards are okay, but some are sick freaks who do horrible things. Moreover, the proportion of dirty cops/soldiers/guards to good ones is much higher than the proportion of psychopaths in the general population because a lot of psychos self-select into the group of cops/soldiersguards. So it’s statistically sound, if hyperbolic, when people think that ACAB, because more of them are indeed bad than if people were randomly selected to be cops. Soldiers however seem to get a free-pass by society with all the “thank you for your service” patriotic propaganda that spread after 9/11. Citizens really got brain-washed to love the military after 9/11 compared to how they felt about it in the 70’s.

As long as there are borders, soldiers will be needed, but it’s conceivable that they could be defunct some day if the world could unite (which isn’t going to happen ¬_¬). However, even if the world did unite, as there are humans, police will still be necessary; abolishing them is absurd and could never work; humans are just terrible.

One thought to “The problem with cops, soldiers, and guard”

  1. LOL! 😂 If I had only known what was to come. I’ve seen literally thousands of videos in the past couple of years of dirty cops. I’ve waste many thousands of hours of my life, stressing and raging because of scumbags, and it’s only getting worse, not better. 🤦

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