Firing two Frescho pricks with one survey

I went to Freshco today and couldn’t wait to get home, not because I wanted to finish the project I was working on, not to eat something, not to get out of the heat and have a shower, not for any other reason than to fill out the survey from the receipt, especially this question:

Given your score to the previous question [0/10], what DID YOU NOT APPRECIATE during your most recent visit to FreshCo?

Boy did I have a response:

The cashier was nosy, gave attitude and questioned my purchases and her manager LIED! 😒

I went to get a bunch of the hotdogs that were on sale, and QUADRUPLE-CHECKED that there was no limit. I checked the flyer, I checked the website, I checked the shelf were they were, and I checked the bunker where there were more of them. I checked FOUR TIMES and there was definitely, 100%, absolutely NO limit on the hotdogs. Secure in that knowledge, I got 20 packs so that I could have a family BBQ, and also have enough supply to stick to my low-carb diet for the next couple of months.

I took them to the register to check out, and before I had even finished unloading them from the bag onto the belt, the girl asked the girl at the next register if there was a limit. The other girl said there wasn’t, but the first one wasn’t satisfied that she couldn’t complain, so she picked up the phone and called her manager and asked him. There was a nearly 10-second delay while he thought about it, then she started counting and told him 20, then another 5-second delay before he said 12.

She told me there’s a limit of 12, to which I pointed out that there was no mention of it, and that you should let us know that beforehand. She replied that she just did, (I guess she ignored the part about saying it “beforehand” ¬_¬) and I responded with “well you should put a sign”, to which she replied “that’s not my section”. 🤦 When I said “you”, I OBVIOUSLY meant the store, not her personally. 🙄 She didn’t have any trace of an accent, so she can’t even claim that she’s not a native English speaker and didn’t understand. ¬_¬

It was none of her business if there was a limit or not, and even if there were, she’d have been told, and even if for some reason, she wasn’t, the computer would point it out, it doesn’t need her to handle it manually. But beyond her nosiness and ineptitude, beyond there being ABSOLUTELY NO mention of a limit anywhere when allegedly there was one, the worst part was that the manager LIED!

I know for a fact that he lied because for one thing, there a long delay after she asked if there was a limit. If there were a limit, he’d have responded right away because it’s literally his job to know these things, and it was the end of the first day of the sale, so it would have been fresh on his mind. But beyond all of that, it’s obvious that he lied and made up the limit on the spot by the fact that he asked her to count how many I had before he responded. Why the hell would he need to know how many I had before he can answer a simple question? 🤨 The answer is either “NO” or “12”. What bearing does how many I took have on the limit? 🤨 What, is the limit 4 if I get 5 but 7 if I get 10? 🙄 That makes NO SENSE AT ALL. It’s just pure and simple logic. HE LIED!

Because of all this, I was absolutely FUMING for the entire hour-long bus ride home. You should be ashamed that you employee people like that. 😒

Maybe this girl was new and thought that she could impress her boss and gun for a raise or promotion… by reducing sales. 🤨 Or maybe she’s just an idiot like some of the employees at different stores that my mother would occasionally come across to which she would always ask them “what do you care? is it your daddy’s store or something? 🙄” 👍😂 Of course, neither explanation excuses her manager. ¬_¬

I’m not usually vindictive and don’t usually hope bad things happen to people unless they’re absolutely horrible people who did horrendous things, but in this case, I can make an exception for the nosy bitch and her lying dick manager. This time, I actually do hope they get fired. 😒

(I like to think that she ended up having to drag the extra eight packs back to the fridge herself, but it’s more likely that she just left them sitting there in the heat next to the register until she got around to calling someone else to take them to the fridge. 😒)