Recently, RCMP offcier Col. Simon Seguin violently attacked and savaged first-nations chief Allan Adam. The incident was caught on the police-car dashcam. Some outlets only show the attack itself which makes it seem like Seguin unnecessarily assaulted Adam. However, the full 11-minute footage below does not absolve Seguin of culpability.

The longer footage does show Adam being upset and hostile and swearing. It even shows him lightly raising his arm to avoid getting a hand-cuff on it. What it doesn’t show is any sort of violence or threatening actions from Adam. The closest he ever came to aggression was to defend a woman that the other officer was manhandling next to the truck. Otherwise, Adam never became physical and never posed a threat. Moreover, the other officer, with the exposed sleeves was the one handling the situation and taking the hostility from Adam.

Seguin wasn’t even within the view of the dashcam until the other officer went to put cuffs on Adam, when less than one second after Adam slowly raised his arm to evade the cuff, Seguin suddenly rushed into the scene like a bolt of lightning, tackling Adam to the ground with a jump attack, pinning him hard, then punching him hard in the head, causing Adam’s head to smash against the asphalt and resulting in Adam’s face bleeding.

Never during the incident did Adam give any of the officers an excuse to get physically violent, let alone pummel him like that. It’s the job and duty of a police officer to try to deescalate situations and neutralize confrontations without violence as much as possible. Seguin did not do that. If anything, it’s almost certain that he was standing there just waiting for Adam to do anything to give him an excuse to jump in and physically attack him. When he saw Adam raise his arm, he figured that was a good opportunity to claim Adam was “resisting arrest” and he’d be justified in attacking him. Hence why Seguin was able to rush in and tackle him in less than a second after Adam raised his arm; Seguin was anxiously waiting for any excuse, ready to pounce like a cheetah. He wanted an excuse to get violent and assault him.

As mentioned, the other officer was the one handling the situation for the majority of the incident and he took it in stride, listening to Adam’s diatribe without ever getting violent. The closest he came to getting aggressive was when he pulled the woman away from the door of the truck. If Seguin hadn’t jumped in, I’m sure the other officer could have resolved the situation without violence.

It is possible to diffuse even extremely hostile situations without enmity. When confronted with hostile scammers, most scam-baiters respond with equal aggression. But one scam-baiter Alogical, managed to neutralize an extremely hostile and hateful scammer with a calm, accepting tone that resulted in the scammer actually apologizing and talking to her like a human. That video is a master-class in negation, mediation, and conflict-resolution, and she is just a normal citizen; what the hell is the excuse of a professional law-enforcement officer? 🤦

Dashcam footage of Allan Adam arrest:

Alogical diffuses hostile scammer:

(Alogical has deleted most of her older videos—possibly to avoid YouTube slaughtering her with TOS nags, including “IRS Scammer Madness – Part 1”. :-\ I have a copy of the video, but I’m not sure about uploading it.)

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