Remakes Of Sequles To Remakes Of Sequles

Every now and then Hollywood catches a theme and it seems that all the movies churned out follow that theme. For example when Twister came out, there were lots of tornado and weather related movies, Jurassic Park spawned dozens of dinosaur movies while Independance Day caused alien movies and similar events with volcanos (Volcano), viruses (Outbreak), and so on.

Unfortunately the theme for these past few years has not been a traditional theme as much as a template. These past few years many—I don’t want to use actual numbers but what the heck, let’s say 90%+—of the movies made have been remakes of old films, and in some cases, of not so old films. There is little more dissappointing than to watch a movie that you think is good only to learn that it is just a ripoff/knock off of another movie that was good way back when.

If a movie made in the past few years isn’t a remake then it’s a sequle, maybe a sequle of a remake (ala Meet the Fockers).

Things are really getting out of hand now, it seems that Hollywood has pretty much completely run out of ideas and is resorting to using existing ones to make movies now. It’s not really worth watching movies anymore.

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