Cycling Through The Same Christmas Episodes Over And Over Again

I’m currently nearing the end of a many month long endeavour to catch up on a couple of shows that I had not watched during their first run but am now watching in syndication where they are airing one or more episodes per day. Checking the current episode against the episode listings and even taking into account special days like Christmas where they may not air an episode, I calculated the exact date when I will finally be done. Unfortunately the networks have done something I did not anticipate. For the past week—the week leading up to Christmas—instead of airing the episodes properly like they should be, they are exclusively airing Christmas—and winter—episodes from those shows. What this means is that my whole schedule is thrown off track because instead of seeing the 10+ episodes that I should be seeing this week past week, I’m seeing episodes that I’ve already seen over and over, and over and over and over again. One show only lasted five season—a lot by today’s standards—so they had AT MOST that many Christmas episodes while the other had nine. As you can imagine they run out of these Christmas episodes quickly so they just cycle through them again and again until Christmas comes and goes; and they call it “A Special Christmas Episode”. This is absolutely ridiculous.

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