Then Do it Yourself!

It’s a classic scene from pretty much every genre of film: the bad guy forces his henchmen to do some task (kill someone, steal something, guard against the enemy, etc.) and when the henchmen fail, the bad guy kills them for failing.

This drives me crazy. First of all, killing isn’t acceptable, but he’s a bad guy, so they probably don’t care. Also, killing your guys is wasteful since you now have to find a replacement that you can trust which isn’t easy for bad guys.

Most importantly, the bad guy has no right to punish his people for failing at a what in this scenario is usually an impossible task. If the task is essentially impossible, then they did not actually fail, so where do they get off punishing them as though they expected them to succeed. Why do they have such unrealistically high expectations? If they actually do expect them to succeed because they think the task is achievable, then they should just do it themselves.

It is infuriating when they execute henchmen for failing an impossible task. What do they expect to happen when they send another guy to do it? Will they just keep killing their own guys each time they fail? Will they execute themselves if they try it and fail?

Stupid bad guys; typical.

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