Everything is #1! Yeah right.

I am so sick of every network and channel constantly calling everything The season’s #1 show, Canada’s favorite new show, The best show on television, The biggest hit on TV, The new #1 hit, and so on. These claims are b.s. for at least two reasons:

  • Don’t tell me what is a good show or not! I’ll decide for myself whether a show is any good and I hate being told by others that something is good, particularly when I already know it is not! I can’t count the number of times I have seen a commercial for a show I hate being called #1. That is incredibly aggravating.
  • How many #1/favorite shows are there‽ How can every show be #1 or the favorite? How can every new show be a hit? The claims they make are statistically and logically ridiculous and garbage.

America and Metric

It aggravates the hell out of me that America eschews the Metric system for several reasons:

  • The Metric system, while not perfect, is vastly superior to and much simpler than the Imperial system that America uses. It is consistent with equal intervals of 10 instead of random ones, which makes it easy to memorize. It uses decimal units (intervals of 10) which makes it easy to use by multiplying or dividing to make larger or smaller units.
  • America always makes such a big deal about how they revolted against the British and abjured their ways, and yet they keep using the Imperial system which, you guessed it, is British!
  • Every other country in the world has had the brains to switch to Metric except for the United States and a couple of third-world countries.