Why Would You Brag About Being the Worst?

As if reality shows weren’t bad enough, there’s a couple of Canadian ones called Canada’s Worst Handy Man and Canada’s Worst Driver.

Why on Earth would they make a show to brag about the stupidest people? They are glorifying idiocy—then again, it’s not exactly a new practice: witness all the air-head starlets.

Worse than that they are making being stupid look like a good thing is that the show is based on a faulty premise. It’s illegal for competitors to throw matches and competitions for a reason: because the outcome is not dependent on skill and it is completely predictable. These shows are the same as throwing a game; they have people do bad jobs. It’s pretty much always easier to be bad at something than to be good at it, so how can the viewers have any confidence in the shows at all? How do you know that they really are that bad and not just pretending (which would make the show pretty lame)?

I can suck at carpentry and driving too. Oops, I didn’t mean to saw your arm off or run that kid over, I just suck at it a lot and therefore am the best… so as Stephen Colbert would say, fame and fortune please!