Flip-Flop This!

It aggrivates me to no end when the media rags on a politician (or candidate) for “flip-flopping”. That term is ridiculous and should stop being used altogether.

When a politician (or anyone really) is accused of flip-flopping, it is always in a derogatory way, implying that they are merely kowtowing to popular belief instead of standing by their own convictions and thus are not acceptable candidates.

The problem is that this absurd practice of accusing people of flip-flopping forces them to choose a side on an issue and lock into it come Hell or high water. Nevermind if new information comes to light that shows that your side is no longer correct, you must stick with it lest you be called a flip-flopper. It does not matter if new research shows that the opposite side is better, you must stick with the lesser choice or else you will be tagged as a flip-flopper. (Of course the side-effect is that if you don’t “flip-flop”, you are now endorsing the side that has been proven to be bad; damned if you do, damned if you don’t.)

Stop it! People can change their minds if they want to. Things change and a good candidate is one that can keep up and adapt as necessary. In fact most candidates run on platforms of change! Stop using that pathetic term and allow candidates to change as the world does, or else you are only doing yourself harm by tying their hands and making them afraid to adapt to new developments.

Horrible Children’s Songs

What the Hell is wrong with people?! Why do they teach children such horrible songs?

Alouette is a French (Canadian) song about torturing a skylark to death. Its verses detail how the singer rips off the bird’s wings, plucks out its eyes, breaks off its beak, back, legs, tail, neck, head, etc. WTF?! (We didn’t realize the grotesque nature of this song back in 4th grade because we were just learning French, were more concerned about getting a good mark, and were young and didn’t understand animal cruelty, but now…)

Baby Bumblebee is a song about bringing up a baby bumblebee, but when it stings the person (what do you expect bees to do?) the person lashes out and squishes it. Then they get upset about the poor dead thing’s guts being on them, then shrug off this act of abusive violence (“it’s not my fault, it made me do it”) and wipe off the viscera like nothing happened. WTF?! (This song seems to prepare children to be abusive in their relationships.)

There are plenty of others as well. I’ll list them when I remember them.

And adults wonder why children are so bad.