The Lowering of Career Standards

As I sit here and watch television, I cannot help but notice the increase in education advertisments. There are now a lot of commercials trying to get people to go to this college, that institute, or whatever. I remember long time ago there were only a small handful of these “lesser institues of higher learning” of which the main one was DeVry. These days there seems to be dozens. This is not such a bad thing since these places allow for people who cannot afford the time or money of a full University education to get some post secondary. The problem however is that I find that I am noticing a trend toward lowered career standards. That is, I find that these places try to promote people getting “careers” in positions that are rather lowly compared to real careers. They entice people with fancy names into positions like “sanitation engineer” or “maintenance technician”. I’ll admit that some of these jobs are pretty fun, like film animator, but a lot of them are mroe like support staff. For example, I keep seeing all these new medical ads where they show some happy person with their new job which is even lower than a nurse.

Instead of people—and society in general—reaching and thriving for higher and better careers and education, it seems that they are going for the lowest common denominator; whatever is available here and now.