Wonder Woman RAPED a man!

I’ve seen numerous reviews of Wonder Woman 1984 and while some people have addressed the plot holes and even gone questioned or even gone so far as express concern about the possession plot, I have not seen anybody point out that Diana/Wonder Woman RAPED a man (at least not outright, some people dance around it at most).

Diana uses the wishing-stone to wish for Steve to return, but instead of just showing up, his consciousness is brought back in the body of a random man who happens to be near by. People have complained that the movie elides over this and doesn’t address the host and who he is and whether he has a family who is looking for him or a job he’s going to lose for not showing up. These are valid points and make the movie absolutely disgusting that Diana and Steve don’t seem to care about this man who’s body they have stolen.

What I haven’t heard is people express a concern that instead of looking into situation and trying to find out about the man and save him, Diana and Steve just accepted the situation and stole his body for their own personal use, including sexual uses. The fact is that since that man was not in control of his body (the movie doesn’t bother to explain if he had died just before being possessed or if his consciousness subdued or conscious and watching the whole time but helpless to do anything), thus he was unable to consent to Diana having sex with his body. Diana raped that man.

Apparently, despite the #MeToo movement and people trying to raise awareness that men can be the victims of sexual assault too, and despite men coming forward, and despite Terry Crews’ impassioned plea to listen to men when they say they’ve been assaulted and to respect men rather than just assume they’re okay with being sexually assaulted because they’re men and men are supposedly always horny, SJWs seem more interested in pushing a female agenda (the Wonder Woman movies have been all about girl-power), and the dismissal of males (especially white ones), shines bright in this movie as a warning flare that social-justice is hypocritical at best, and dangerous at worst. This movie sends the message that it’s okay to use and abuse and rape white men because, hey, they’re white men who (as a monolith) have benefited long enough, so they deserve to be treated like garbage now, because apparently the way to improve the treatment of marginalized and oppressed people isn’t to stop that and treat them better, but to treat everybody badly (so that eventually they will get tired of it and rise up and lash out—see Rwanda—and keep the circle going).

The first Wonder Woman movie was terrible, absolutely abysmal, but while people kept lauding it as a feminist movie and it was directed by a woman, it was written by men. This movie doesn’t have that excuse; it was written by Patty Jenkins. The fact that she wrote it so that Diana uses a man’s body for her own sexual pleasure without his consent and without so much as a second thought, combined with the fact that Patty didn’t see the man as a person enough to even bother naming him (Kristoffer Polaha is credited as “Handsome Man”), pushes this movie so far past feminist that it wraps back around to being offensive and “problematic” at the other extreme. 🤦