Google’s Moog Synthesizer Doodle Killed My Laptop!

Last night I was using our family laptop. I Googled something and noticed the Moog Synthesizer “Google Doodle”. It was amusing and I played it with it for a few seconds. I fiddled with some of the switches and pressed some of the keys, listening to the awful resulting noises. I fiddled with a few more switches (not having a clue what I was doing since it had no documentation) and clicked one of the keys. I heard a loud, high-pitched popping sound that jolted me and I freaked out because I thought that something in our still-new (four-months old) laptop had burst.

I listened and smelled for any warnings signs and found none. I clicked a few more keys on the doodle keyboard and found my fear realized: there was no sound. I opened the Windows Run dialog and pressed Alt+A (a quick, easy, and reliable way I always use to test sound) and heard nothing. I ran a game I had just been playing and again heard nothing.

The Google doodle had blown the little speaker in our laptop.

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