DVD authors usually disable certain actions so that viewers for example cannot skip the FBI warning about copying the disc (they were perfectly able to fast-forward through it back in the VHS days). These are called POUPs or Prohibited User Operations.

Not surprisingly, consumers have their quibbles about being forced to sit through when they just paid money for the movie. It’s like having to watch commercials in a DVD. In fact, being forced to watch commercials and trailers is one of the POUPs that consumers complain about. Fortunately POUP commercials and trailers are rare and can usually be skipped.

One POUP that is relatively common is being forced to see the rating and the notice about movies being different formats. This is absurd since an R-rated movie is not supposed to fall in the hands of a minor anyway and if it does, it’s not like the kid is going to see the notice and stop watching. That makes forcing viewers to watch the rating notice completely pointless and irritating. Forcing them to watch a notice that the movie has been formatted to fit the screen or is a different cut from that shown in theaters is equally stupid and pointless.

Thankfully, because there are numerous operations, a lot of DVD authoring companies miss some. For example, while notices are usually blocked from being skipped with the next function, they can often be skipped by fast-forwarding through them. That said, sometimes a DVD authoring company is particularly bad and blocks everything, so that for example, you cannot stop once a forced video has started.

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