There Can Be Only One

Here’s a little blurb in a newsletter from the most hated company on Earth, yours and mine, Rogers:

Thousands of movies. Hundreds of shows. Tons of free programming. And instant access to it all — On Demand only from Rogers.

Well, I’m sure that somewhere in the world there is probably at least one other company that provides those things. If you’re going to bandy around an absolute term like “only”, then you should be damn sure that you really are the only one. Then again, they’ll probably just take what they already have and throw in something exclusively unique to themselves like a brand name and say “only” again. In fact that’s probably what they (deceptively) meant, that the products known as “On Demand” is only from Rogers—even though it may very well not be; I doubt that they bothered to check.

…blah blah blah, Rogers On Demand—only from Rogers.

Well, duh!