America’s Got Idiots

I really hate that show America’s Got Talent. I don’t actually watch it, but I’ve seen/heard the commercials for it.

The most annoying complaint is that those idiots don’t seem to understand that this is a TALENT SHOW, not American Idol. The judges keep dissing people who do neat tricks but blabbing on and on about the ones who sing (“well”). If they wanted to sing, they should have go on one of the many singer-search shows that seem to run every night. The recruiters should actually be looking for talents that are non-musical; including singers is not fair to the rest who don’t have dedicated shows for their talents.

Another problem is that just like American Idol, the two judges that are sycophantic, PC, bleeding heart, liberal, hippies, keep dissing and being rude to the one who tells the truth and doesn’t love every single act. It’s disgusting. The judges who are rude are much worse than the judge who is “mean”.