To Avoid Educating Children

I just saw an article on Dateline about the things that children see on television today. They showed clips from various shows that depicted scenes inappropriate for young children. The recurring theme and solution was that the children were to be kept from seeing these shows. The parents agreed that they did not want their children—in some cases up to 12 years old—watching them.

This is ridicuolous the solution is not to prevent the children from watching the shows, the solution is to bloody educate them. Stone asked whether it is the networks or the parents who are responsible for keeping the children from watching inappropriate shows and everybody agreed it was the parents. If these parents have not yet had “the talk” with their children then the parents are certainly responsible!

This brings up another question. Isn’t it actually better to over-expose the kids to these things? If you over-expose the children to these images then they will become jaded and they will no longer respond to them. Is that not what is desired? In some cases yes it is. There are however some children who will react differently; becoming over-exposed to the stimulus, they will think that the behaviors are acceptable and when confronted with the descision, they will do it.

Again it comes back to the parents. They must take their children’s education into their own hands instead of hoping that sex-ed at school will do it for them when they are 14.