A Childs Life: Not So Priceless (<$4,000,000)

There was just an Amber Alert posted. For those unfamiliar with the term, whenever a child goes missing, an alert is posted in as many forms of media as possible to get as many people as possible to realize that a child has been abducted and to help if they know or have seen anything. The alert was posted but before the text of the message could scroll, the network (CityTV) removed the ticker so as to avoid obscuring the lottery commercial that began airing. As it happens they removed the alert from the screen just as it was about to give a description of the suspect.

Lottery jackpot: $4,000,000
TV Commercial: $10,000
A child’s life: ?

Too bad the standard jackpot wasn’t still only $2,000,000, they might have run the full alert if it was.

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