From Pitbulls To Jews; Prejudice and Abuse of Power is Alive and Well in 2005

In Canada right now there is a bill to ban pitbulls in Ontario. If the bill passes, anyone who owns a pitbulls will be forced to have it neutered, many existing pitbulls will be destroyed (read: murdered), and no pitbulls will be allowed into the province ever again. And of course the term “pitbull” refers to several breeds of dog.

Why are they doing this? Because there have been a few cases where someone was injured by one. You may ask if they are so violent then why is this a bad thing. It’s a bad thing because the dogs are not by themselves a problem but rather a man-made problem.

Pitbulls are naturally no more dangerous than say, a lion and certainly no more dangerous than a shark or grizzly bear. People however breed the dogs to be vicious, they train them to be as aggressive as possible. They do this for a few reasons; one is security—you know—those “beware of dog” signs, if the dog is bred to be vicious then it is good for protection. Well, maybe not protection/defense but rather offense. Another reason people breed them to be violent is for dog fighting; they pit two dogs against each other in a fight to the death and bet on who will survive. This is obviously a sick andespicablele action that should itself be banned and the offenders “destroyed”.

Okay, this issue ifairlyly straight forward. But where do the Jews come in? Instead of focusing on the neutering or the destroying, lets look at the other effect that the law would have. It would prohibit any new pitbulls from ever being brought into the province because they are objectionable to some people. This is rather insane.

First of all, pitbulls are animals, natural, living things, beings who are no less entitled to living anywhere that are capable than any human. Just because some people don’t like them doesn’t mean they should be banned from entry. If they do so, then it would set precedentnt that could snowball. What’s next? Banning mosquitoes? How abouprairieie dogs? any animals that smell? what about people that smell bad? stupid people? people who sing badly? blacks? Jews?

The pitbull law is tantamount to prejudice, pure and simple. They don’t like something so they ban it. That’s fine if the something is a number, color, word, etc. but when it is another creature—no matter how “insignificant”/”inferior”/etc., then they better have a damn good reason to ban it.