TV Guide, Shmeevee Guide

Is it just me or is anyone else sick and tired of the declining usefulness of television listings?

In the past a TV magazine like TV Guide or even those free recycled things you’d find in the rack at the door of the grocery store were accurate 99% of the time. Unless some sort of unscheduled event like breaking news of war or something occurred, you could generally rely on them.

These days the TV Guide magazine is pretty useless since networks make last minute changes a lot more often than they used to. Because of the nature of the printed magazine they cannot keep up with all the changes. That is excusable but the TV Guide channel which should always be quickly updatable, while a little better, is still not accurate all the time. If that weren’t bad enough, Internet TV listings and EPGs should be able to be accurate 100% of the time no matter what and yet they are not!

This is ridiculous.