Marvel takes pride in breaking the law

Marvel often modifies the footage they show in trailers to mislead people. For example, they like to add or remove characters from scenes. They claim they do it to avoid spoilers or to make it more exciting or whatever. They think they’re being clever, but there is a much uglier word for it: misappropria-, I mean FRAUD.

People already find it extremely aggravating, even infuriating that trailers are misleading and make movies seem better than they are (*cough*Random Hearts*cough*), but it’s much worse than just being annoying, it’s illegal. There are truth-in-advertising or false-advertising laws that prohibit this behavior. Trailers are advertisements for a product like any other, and misrepresenting something they are trying to sell violates the law.

Movie trailers have gotten away with breaking the law for decades with impunity. This needs to stop. They should not be allowed to trick people into wasting their money. 😒