“Asian” ≠ Chinese / Indian

When did the politically-correct liberal hippie freaks co-opt the term Asian? Since when does it refer only to the Chinese (and surrounding countries)? Asia is a very large continent (the largest on Earth) which consists of dozens of countries, not just China. Besides the Orient and India (Indo-Chin) Asia also contains the middle-east and Russia for pete’s sake. They can’t be going by size of the country since Russia is clearly larger than China and India put together. I suppose they could be going by population per capita but that is ridiculous since either country is still just a fraction of the total continent.

The only rationalization that I can find to explain this is that for some reason it is deemed offensive to use the term Oriental because it situates the UK in the middle of the world. Uh huh, and the acceptable term middle east doesn’t? Why is middle-east okay, but oriental is not? Time for a new term: hypocrisy. If middle-east is okay, then so is oriental. If oriental is not okay, then neither is middle-east and everybody must start referring to Iran, Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan, and so on as Asian. Don’t be a douche!

Moreover, the GMT timezone is in the UK. Are you going to start using something else as the +0:00 offset?

The term Asian should not be reserved for just Chinese or Indian people it should be used to refer to anyone from the continent of Asia.