My Mother Hates Everything

My mother does not enjoy any shows or movies (well, nearly none; a show or movie she likes is rarer than a leprechaun). The reason is quite simple: she cannot be surprised. Any show or movie that she watches, she figures out and predicts early on, so she is always bored and disappointed. That is why the small, small handful of shows or movies that somehow did manage to surprise her are the few that she likes. Fortunately, there are an even more rare, select few that she does figure out and predict, yet still likes because either she was not certain she was correct, or because it was still amusing enough that the predictability was irrelevant.

A few examples of movies she likes are Primal Fear, and Above Suspicion (and old epics of course). As for television shows, she still likes SVU for the time-being, and has started watching Criminal Minds again (and some British shows like legal dramas; and I’m expecting she’ll like Game of Thrones).