No Sick-Free Year this Year

I was hoping to go a year without ever getting sick in the winter. This winter is not exactly over, but I had not yet gotten a cold, so I was hopeful. Unfortunately the streak came to an end last night. Even though because of my SAD, I almost never go out and avoid people when I do, my mother not only goes out several times per week, but she is around lots of old people when she does, so she can easily bring home some bugs.

I was fine yesterday morning, but by the afternoon I was feeling nauseous, stiff, and chilly. I immediately recognized these as the symptoms I always get from the common cold. There’s lost of treatments for the cold that people recommend, so I combined a bunch of them:

  • I made myself a cup of noodle soup (mostly just warm water).
  • I had a small piece of bread with it so that I could eat a bunch of onion and garlic (antibiotics).
  • I had an orange and popped a vitamin-C tablet.
  • I wrapped myself in sweaters, a robe, and piled up the hot-water bottles.
  • I went to bed early to get as much sleep as possible.

It worked. The next morning I was feeling fine and have been all day.

I’ll have to try again next year. At least I haven’t (yet?) had a runny nose this winter.