My life is all or nothing, always extremes

I’ve always been about balance and moderation. I’m a rational person and don’t believe in astrology, but I find it an amusing coincidence that I’m a Libra.

That said, a long time ago, I notice and pointed out to my mother that our lives were weird, that we either have none of something or a lot of it. Now that I’m alone, I see that pattern wasn’t specific to her (since she was the one who did the shopping), it applies to me (or at least, me as well; maybe I just inherited her shopping habits).

I first noticed it with foods, like cookies, but it applies to everything.

I either have zero chips, or 100 bags of chips (I’m down to maybe 30 now).
I either have zero ice-cream, or 40 cartons of ice-cream (I’m down to maybe 30 now).
I either have zero spare USB keyboards, or 30 USB keyboards (I can’t find one I like).
I either have zero CCTV cameras, or I have four CCTV cameras (technically five).
I either have zero PS3 games, or I have 300 PS3 games (and still have played none).
I either have zero girlfriends, or… um… okay, maybe it doesn’t apply to everything. 🤷

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