Resolving to be more productive

We only get a few end-of-decade New Year’s(es?) so it’s not unreasonable to think of them as special. I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but this time I will. I have two main resolutions to make:

  • Pursue a relationship
    Now that I’m officially older than the Earth itself (long story), finding someone to love and share life with has suddenly and magically forced itself to the top of my priority list. I started looking a couple of years ago, but I’m running out of time and options, so I have to kick things into high gear and make every effort I can. I tried waiting for someone to fall in my lap, but the closest I got was someone lightly bumping into me on the bus, but that wasn’t a meet-cute. (To be fair, it’s not like I didn’t do anything, I did pretty much everything I could, but there’s still some stuff I put off. 🤷) One thing I need to put more effort into for this goal is getting in shape, which is also a general resolution, but I’ve already been working (dieting and exercising) hard at that for a couple of years with little success, so I’m not sure how much harder I can try on that front. Well, here’s hoping…
  • Be more productive
    I have far too many things to do and not nearly enough time for it all. I don’t exactly sit around all day, staring at the wall, but I definitely don’t spend my time as well as I could or wish I did. I want to start fighting harder against my OCD (and FOMO and other neuroses) to help eschew things that I don’t think are good uses of my time to free it up to spend on more productive things (including a few that would help make me more money or just be more fullfilled). I just wish there were a good medication that actually worked and helped make it easier instead of having do it the hard way as usual.

There’s also other goals, but those are just regular to-do items as opposed to specific resolutions.

In this spirit, I am setting to kick off the second goal by making a post to each of the sub-blogs today (this post counts for this one).

Unfortunately, by making these plans, I have pretty much guaranteed failure because exactly 0.00% of my plans come to fruition, something always messes them up (I don’t know why I still bother ever making plans 🤦). So forget you saw anything, I didn’t write this. ¬_¬