Apparently, I was a vegetable racist

Last week, a grocery store had a sale on onions, a 10-pound bag for $1.97, which is a good deal. I usually only go grocery-shopping once every 30-60 days, so I wanted to get two bags to be sure I’d have enough to last a while and actually use and enjoy them without worrying about running out. (Nothing complements a meal better than a nice cold, crunchy, juicy, spicy onion. 😋) Unfortunately, when I got there, they didn’t have any onions (that were on sale), not even in the back. They said to come back the next day, but I couldn’t return then, so I was out of luck and upset.

A little later, on the way home, I stopped at a different store, which also had a sale on onions, this one on seven-pound bags for $2 which wasn’t as good a deal, but still worth it. I wanted to get a bag of red and a bag of white, but unfortunately, all they had were Spanish onions, no white onions. I got two bags of red, but was still upset about missing the sale on white onions because Spanish onions aren’t as useful as white onions because they’re mostly just salad-onions. They’re sweet and don’t have the same hot, juicy, crunchiness as white onions. Boy was I wrong.

The first onion I used from the bag was hot enough that it actually burned me. It may not have been the hottest thing I’ve ever had, not even the hottest onion, but it was certainly hot enough. I was pleasantly surprised. The next two were the same.

In the end, I learned that white is not always best and to be less prejudicial in life, including with vegetables. 😀

(Jokes aside, in my experience, Spanish onions really do tend to be sweet and not hot, so I don’t know why this bag was. 😕 Maybe there’s more than one type of red onion or maybe these are hybrids. 🤔 Either way, they certainly made up for missing the sale—though I’m still upset about missing the sale on the ice-cream. ¬_¬)