Countdown to Rogers-Liberation Day!

I am abso-freaking-lutely sick and tired of Rogers (I’ve been accumulating an article detailing their problems for a while now, and it has grown quite massive). They are quite literally, and provably the worst provider in the world! They continually raise their prices every single, bloody month, and constantly cut and reduce the service. On top of that, their customer service is horrendous (the have absolutely no respect for customers who they feel are not always right; quite the contrary, they believe the customer is always wrong). And to add insult to injury, they constantly make mistakes and frequently add fraudulent charges to the bill, and their web site never works so that you cannot even check your account.

Rogers is trash, plain and simple. They are worthless and completely useless. We are leaving Rogers.

The problem is that there is almost zero choice in Canada. While there are a few mobile-phone providers, there are next to no TV/Internet/landline providers in the country, and the selection gets even worse if you don’t live in one of the larger metropolitan cities. As such, there is no competition (which is what allows Rogers to continue their abusive rape of customers).

I have heard plenty of bad things about Bell, but at this point, the abuse we have received from Rogers has been so egregious, that we can’t help but welcome abuse from someone else because they simply cannot be as bad as Rogers.

Unfortunately, Bell cannot provide us with cable television. We have to use satellite which means no choice but to go digital. Digital television is just awful and replete with downsides as compared to analog. I intend to write an article expounding on this later, but leaving Rogers leaves us with no choice but to switch to digital television.

Fortunately, Bell has been installing FTTH in our area this summer. They say that it should be ready by the fall, so once it is done, we will dump Rogers like the syphilitic whore it is and switch to Bell Fibe TV. It will be only slightly cheaper, but will provide a lot better service.

As for Internet and home-phone, we will not be going with Bell, they are just too expensive for no reason. Instead, we will be using Teksavvy because they offer a home phone with a free calling feature (Rogers offers none) for less than half the price. They also offer a fast Internet connection with 5x the monthly bandwidth cap that Rogers does, but for less money. In addition, they don’t even count bandwidth during the night; that’s unlimited!

We would have to be stark raving mad to stay with Rogers even one second longer than necessary. In fact, we should have dumped them a long time ago, but there is just no choice or selection here.

The only concern is that Rogers might (read probably will) try to hit us with an early cancellation fee because the two or three-year contract we made for a bundle package with them over the phone has not expired yet. This is not really a concern though because they can take their contract and shove deep in the bowels of their hellish nether regions. They have absolutely no legal grounds to sue us over breach of contract. First of all, they cannot produce a contract because it was over the phone and even if they do actually record the phone calls, they can’t produce anything because they cannot keep their “crap” straight, hence the constant errors in the bills. I highly doubt that their phone records are proper and consistent enough for them to be able to pull a specific call from a couple of years ago. More importantly, they breached the contract first. We made a deal over the phone that we would pay a specific price for a specific level of service for a specific price. That is a contract. However they have on countless occasions raised the price and reduced the service. That is a breach. We are by no means obligated to continue to honor the contract after they have voided it. If anything, we should be able to sue Rogers for breach of contract (and anyone who is in a similar position and has the legal resources to do so should). We don’t mind if Rogers takes us to small-claims court to sue over early cancellation; they most definitely won’t win. Therefore, the only real concern is that they might file some complaint with credit agencies to hurt our credit rating. Of course if they do that, we will take them to court, sue them for damages and have the credit reverted. It would be a slightly inconvenient, but would also be an interesting experience (hey, it might even be easy enough that we can sue the other people who have wronged us but ignored because suing seemed like a big deal).

So here we are. We are now counting down to when we can leave Rogers once and for all. Of course even when we are finally Rogers-free, I suspect that we will continue to see their damn commercials and ads all over the place. They are inescapable. Canadians really need to stand up and start an “Arab Spring” against providers here to take down Rogers and force the creation of competition and good, proper, fair telecommunications providers.

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