Clone Wars – Watch Out!

Well, I have recently finished watching season four of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and am about to start watching the first half of season five. This is making me really nervous. Every time that I start watching a show that others have already been watching for years, I start after season four, and catch up so that I can watch (most of) season five live with everybody. The problem is that whenever this happens, the show always seems to get cancelled, so season five is the last season. This has happened several times now, so I am worried that it will happen to Clone Wars as well. Here is a list of shows that got cancelled once I finally started watching them (I’ll add the ones I can remember off the top of my head and add more when I look them up):

  • Angel (This was the first time I noticed “the curse”.)
  • Alias (I started watching just before the last season.)
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003) (After season three, I watched the original 1978 and 1980 versions, then 2003; it was cancelled the next season).
  • Primeval (It was cancelled in season five, just before I started watching.)
  • Merlin (The library has the first four seasons, so I decided to start watching it, then I heard that season five is the last.

Unfortunately, I don’t actually have the “power to cancel shows” by just starting late because there are some shows that don’t/wouldn’t stop: Californication, Boardwalk Empire, Lost, Jersey Shore, Gossip Girl, The Hills, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Shameless (both), Spartacus, True Blood

Some other shows that I began watching late have fortunately survived my curse: Game of Thrones, Borgias, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Dexter, Face Off, MythBusters, Pawn Stars, Ricky Gervais Show, The Office (UK), Stargate SG1, Breaking Bad, Being Human (UK), The Shield. And of course Star Wars; I had heard people rabidly love it for decades. I finally watched the films and they were okay. I then watched Clone Wars which made me like it even more. (If I have to choose, I’m still a Star Trek guy though.)

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  1. Well I caught up on season five. I have seen the first 11 episodes that have aired so far and am looking forward to the next one. “Missing in Action” should be interesting with the droids and Colonel Gascon stuck on the desert void planet. It is also the 100th episode. I wanted to put off watching season five until it had finished (or at least until the current arc which is only half-over finished), but I couldn’t resist. I’ll be watching this week’s episode tonight (it’s actually airing a day early in Canada!)

  2. Hmm, reading some viewer reviews, it looks like the general consensus is that season five is not very good (some call it the worst). That is not boding well. If this keeps up, it may actually get cancelled after this season and keep up my curse! 🙁

    I for one have liked this season so far. It started out briefly with the whole Darth Maul arc and had the younglings arc which was intersting because it delved into the makings of lightsabers. The current arc with the droids and the void planet is interesting as well.

    I guess I am just not as spoiled as others have become by experiencing Star Wars very slowly and losing the novelty. Having experienced the entirety of it in a sort period of time, I am finding it to still be quite novel.

    Well I’m going to watch the 2003 Clone Wars mini-series in ~15 minutes…

  3. It turns out that last night’s episode was the season finale. I did not even realize it (though it makes sense considering the content and tone). This bodes pretty badly because the first four seasons were 22 episodes, but this one was only 20. Not good.

  4. Well it happened again! George Lucas recently announced that Clone Wars is not coming back next season. The pattern continues! 😐

    For a moment, I thought that if the show is not going to continue, maybe they could wrap up the Clone War storyline with a movie, but then I remembered that the Clone Wars movie that came out before the show actually takes place after the show, towards the end of the war, so we can simply watch that again instead.

    From what I’ve heard, Lucas is not going to be working on Clone Wars much anymore because he wants to focus on the sequel movies. While some people nag about that, I actually look forward to it. There is some good story to come after Vader and the Emperor are killed. I am anxious to learn about the Yuuzhan Vong and their galactic invasion.

  5. I’ve recently learned a few things about “Clone Wars”:

    • Clone Wars was actually cancelled because Disney bought LucasFilm and George Lucas quit working on the “Star Wars” franchise altogether.
    • There was a six season after the announcement of the cancellation, and there was even a seventh season that was all but completed, albeit without final rendering and effects. I just watched them today.

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