For Hire: Cheater?!

A few weeks ago I put up half a dozen ads around campus. They are for tutoring and I list about 20 courses that I can teach in Computer Science, Psychology, and Math. I waited paitiently for the first requests but nothing came. After almost three weeks, I got my first bite. Someone called asking for help with the 3rd (and final) CS305 assignment. After talking with him a bit about what exactly he needs help with I learned that he wanted me to write the whole thing for him, not just help him with it but do the entire thing myself and hand it to him so that he can hand it in. Obviously this is not good, I cannot do that on moral reasons but more importantly I cannot do it because I do not have access to the UNIX/Solaris machines in the computer labs on which the assignment must run. And, of course I cannot install UNIX on my own machine at home because it would require waaay too much work and time just to set up and get everything running, the assignment deadline would pass twice over before I could even start.

Anyway, I got a second bite a little later. This second person also wants help with the 3rd CS305 assignment. I’m currently reading through the relevant chapter in the text book to review the section since I took that course about five years ago. I doubt I will be able to help him though. I can help teach concepts for tests and stuff but assignments are not easy to help with.

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