[Personal] I’m back (more or less)

Well I’m back. I have not been around and have actually been asked why I have not had much Internet presence for a while which actually surprised me quite a bit. I did not think anyone would really notice (I’m not much of a poster, I do most of my work offline).

Anyway it’s been quite an ordeal. My girl cat was ill, she swallowed a piece of hard plastic somehow that got stuck in her gut and had to be surgically removed. She suffered a lot because she had to be away from home for the first time in her life and all alone each night—we were not allowed to stay 🙂 Not to mention all the pain (although she never really showed any). My boy cat was also pretty miserable, he definitely knew things were terribly wrong. As for us, we both went through Hell, having to see them suffering and all the fear of our own. It was the worst 4 weeks ever.

Anyawy, everythign seems to be pretty much back to normal now and hopefully things will start to pick up.

I have a lot to say right now so I should be posting a lot more soon.

[Personal – Education/Finance] I want a refund from the University (I think I still have a receipt)

I was just thinking about my student loans today. I graduated a couple of years ago and have had nothing but a few temporary, low paying jobs every few months since. As a result I was only able to make four payments before I ran out of money. They have been harassing me ever since and do not listen at all when I explain my situation. In fact I have recently gotten a letter threatening legal action.

I have no idea what kind of legal action they can take against me. What are they going to do ARREST ME FOR BEING POOR? That would be great. I would raise such a commotion and do whatever I could to get worldwide attention to this fascist action. At this point I would love nothing more than to drag those greedy, selfish bastards through the mud.

I checked that my mother did not co–sign any loan documents so that I can make sure that they do not have any way of bugging her. So, I can only think that they would try to take any/all of my assets. Unfortunately for them, I do not really HAVE any assets. I do not have a car, own any land or property; in fact the most expensive thing that I actually own is my computer, and since it’s rather old now, it would probably only bring in about $200 if sold.

So, what can they repossess? My education? GO AHEAD AND TAKE IT!!!

The education I got at Western was sub–par at best. I graduated from the computer science program minoring in psychology—a rare program due to several factors. I found that the computer courses were completely worthless. I already knew most of the material being taught (at least 80-85% per course), with only two (2) courses where I did not know much—those were the only two computer courses I actually enjoyed. I did like the psychology courses, although after I took the first one, they became a little less enjoyable due to the massive overlap between all the courses. I also liked the philosophy courses—which I HAD to take to graduate. After graduating from such a crappy program, I have yet to actually use that stupid, over-sized, ridiculously expensive piece of paper that contends that I do in fact know what I claim to know. The jobs I’ve had so far could have been given to a trained chimp.

Therefore, I was thinking, what the heck, I would be more than happy to hand over my diploma to the student loan repo–men.

Of course another option would be to get a refund on my education. I would be equally happy to give back my diploma to the greedy, bloodsucking University and get back my money (I’m sure they would pro-rate it), and then hand that over to the loans people. At least it would reduce my loans to a decent and manageable size.

If anyone who reads this has any idea of how I can go about doing so, I would be very willing to move forward with this. I know it sounds kind of dumb, but then again, I cannot even count the number of films I have seen where someone did something that sounded dumb and it became such a big thing that they made a movie about it. 🙂

[Personal] This sucks (I warned you)

Well it’s not like I promised that I would post every day. In fact I’m pretty sure I explicitly said that I am not the kind of person that posts a lot. That’s not to say I have nothing to say or no thoughts—quite the opposite in fact—I think too much, I have too much to say. There in lies the problem. I spend so much time thinking and fleshing out my thoughts and ideas that I have little to none left to actually write them down. I suppose that if I have a PDA or laptop or were sitting at the computer 24 hours a day, I might be able to fire off my ideas to the computer right away; but since I do not, by the time I do get to the computer, I’ve completly forgotten about it and am preoccupied with other matters.

[Personal] So busy

Okay, here’s the 411 (bah! I hate pop culture lingo)

I have got a LOT to do.

  • First off, I am trying to brush up on Direct3D. I do not actually need it since I am more of a support and app/tool/utility programmer. I do not really write giant, extravagant multimedia programs and games. I write powerful, useful routines that I and other people can use in all sorts of places. I also write smallish programs that are the kinds of things that you say “that’s exactly what I need”. As such, I do not really need things like OpenGL or D3D, and that is why I am honing my D3D skills (as well as the fact that D3D is relatively difficult).
  • Second, I am researching the css vs. tables vs. frames debate when it comes to web site design. I still like frames because they are so structured and I love structure. However, I completely understand the arguments against them and am looking at the alternatives to redo my sites. Of course I am a little limited technologically in what I can do (for example I cannot use PHP with my current host).
  • Third, I am working on some of my projects. I have made some great progress recently on one and started another with leaps and bounds (albeit in my head). So I am really excited about working on these two (for now).
  • Fourth, I am working on my screenplay and have already finished the treatment for the first two acts and am knee deep in the third which just happens to be the biggest and best act. My creativity will really be put to the test now.
  • Finally, I am really getting back into the volunteering habit. I have already “served” almost two months tutoring poor and handicapped children. Tonight I wrote a computer test to see if I am qualified to teach a computer course at the library. I guess my University degree in computer science is not qualification enough. :p

Oh, and then there’s all the other stuff I normally do as part of my regular routines. I wonder how I get so much done… Oddly enough though, sometimes I find there is just not enough time in a day, but then sometimes I find that the day just won’t end.

[Personal – Health] Breakfast

Well, I’ve stopped fasting. I’m now down to 175 lbs. I actually made it five (5) full days without eating a single thing. In fact the only thing I’ve ingested in those 120 hours was about 5 glasses of water spread out (not evenly). I would have just gone the extra 2 days to make it a nice round week but I started feeling really bad today so I just went to 5. On the bright side, last time I started feeling bad after just under 2 days, so I’ve gotten better. Next time I’ll definitely be able to make the full week. 🙂