☐ Emily Osment’s Lovesick

The middle part (ie the “breakdown”) of Emily Osment’s song “Lovesick” from her album Fight or Flight sounds very familiar both in music and lyrics, but I can’t figure out what other song it reminds me of. The verse in question is this one:

Radioactive; now you can’t stop it; we’re gonna party all night
Radioactive; you know we got it; we’re gonna party all night
Radioactive; super hypnotic; we’re gonna party all night
Radioactive; now you can’t stop it

Does anyone know what other song sounds just like that part?


In one year of high school, we learned the Turing programming language. One of my classmates found a violent hang-man game made in Turing on the Internet. It was quite the hit in our class for several reasons. Unlike most of our own apps/games, it had graphics, and good ones too: it used pre-drawn TIM files instead of simple vector drawing (like my tic-tac-toe game, which to be fair wasn’t too bad at all). It also used the mouse for input. Neither of these were part of the course, and the mouse wasn’t even in the text book—school has a tendency to focus on boring fundamentals instead of the fun stuff. 🙁 Plus, it had all that violence (there were a few Mortal Kombat-style ways that the character would die, prompting us to try to lose more than win).

Anyway, I did not get a copy of it, and have looked everywhere but cannot find it. Does anyone know where I can find it? I think it had the filename BLUDBATH.ZIP or something like that.

☐ Midway, Gidway?

I remember another song that I heard on the radio one night. I think I taped a part of it, but I doubt I can find it.

Unfortunately I do not remember any usable lyrics from it. The only thing that I can recall was that at one point the singer says “midway”, followed by a background singer shouting what sounds like “gidway”.

I have no idea what song this was.

Buggin’ to the Boogie by Ragga Muffin Rascals

I heard a song on the radio many years ago (around 1990 to mid 1993) that I really liked. I taped most of it but ended up accidentally erasing it later. I recall a lot of the lyrics (or at least what they sounded like) and clearly remember the DJ calling it Buggin’ to the Boogie by the Ragga Muffin Rascals (and mentioning that it has “a whole lotta samples”. One sample—in fact the whole chorus—was from the end of A Taste Of Honey’s song Boogie Oogie Oogie.

Here are some of the lyrics that I—sort of—remember:

buntin’ to a bake in the pie,
one skate too many knock in the eye
kick it to the club, a flake kick the can
jibaway, jibaway, jibaway Sam
I’m still young and I’m still a rookie,
still in school, and I’m still playin’ hooky
I got the mic and I’m shoulder neckin’ it

??? little boy blue,
Saul’s on the boss on Scooby-Dooby-Doo
Jack be nibmel and Jack be quick and,
??? cause my Jack’s a-kickin’

cut into the line like the tip of a razor,
??? a new school laser
the R to the A to the S to the C-A-L,
from that Catrice so it seems like Hell
San Antoinecho’s late for the bell
wrote enough to make my pocket swell

dance now, boogie oogie oogie,
dance now, boogie oogie oogie,

I’ve checked around and it seems that Ragga Muffin Rascals changed their name to Rascalz. It may be from their album Really Livin’, but I cannot find any information on this particular song and certainly can’t find a copy of it.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this since I really liked it and would love to hear it again.

☐ Girl Ghost Haunting a Well

I remember seeing a movie when I was young which I am fairly sure was a Disney movie (possibly because I remember seeing the Disney logo, or perhaps just because it was on a Sunday night when Disney movies usually aired).

I remember that it was basically about a girl who had fallen down a well (which from what I remember was inside a barn) and died, and now her ghost was haunting the farm. She was harassing a boy who eventually solved her death which I guess must have set her spirit free. I remember that her ghost glowed a bright green.

It was pretty creepy and I still feel chills when I think about it. I have seen descriptions of a couple of movies that are good candidates for this movie, but have not confirmed it. What movie is it?

☑ Auto-Incrementing Build Version Macro for VS.NET (2003)

A few years ago I added a macro to my installation of Visual Studio 2003 to automatically increment the build number whenever I re-built the project. It worked just fine, closing any resources if open, without the warning about the resources being opened outside of the dev-env, and without having to move the version block to an RC2 file.

I recently had to repair my installation and have lost that macro. I have searched everywhere and cannot for the life of me find it. I have checked my drive to see if I can find the file to reinstall it, but the only candidates that it could be turned out to not work. The Internet has likewise proven fruitless. Most of the available ones are now for VS2005 and VS2008.

Does anyone know of a VS2003 macro that closes open resources and automatically increments the version number in the RC file on building?

☐ Unknown Fairytale Movie

I remember a movie I watched a bit of when I was young (early to mid-80’s) but cannot seem to figure out what it was. It was an animated kid’s movie similar to The Last Unicorn and Flight of Dragons. I always thought it was The Dark Crystal, but I recently saw that and now know that it was not. I only saw a little bit of it so I don’t have much to go on, but the part I did see was mostly a pale yellow and had some sort of creature (sort of like the Skeksis from Dark Crystal) scouting on a cliff, observing the movement of their army through a narrow-ish passage through the mountains. I also remember a sense of it being a popular, new movie that everybody was seeing at the time. I considered the original Lord of the Rings and Hobbit as well as The Secret of Nimh, but it is not those either. I also don’t think that it is Black Cauldron because I recall it being less cartoony; darker and more grotesque like Dark Crystal or Labyrinth. And yes, I considered the Neverending Story series, Legend, The Princess Bride, Krull, Ladyhawke, and Willow; it’s not those, it’s definitely animated. What movie could it be?