☐ How do VCRs Remove Static?

I’ve always wondered about a curious behavior I’ve witnessed on numerous occasions.

If you have a poor television signal with interference, a television will often display a fuzzy image, but if you then put the TV on the appropriate channel (usually 3), and turn the VCR’s VTR function on to see its output, you can usually see the aforementioned channel but it will be clear or at least significantly less fuzzy.

Why is that?

Is the VCR removing interference like a UPS cleans up a power line? Does it amplify a low signal? Do VCRs have some sort of anti-static function?

I have seen this happen with different TVs and VCRs and in different houses with different cable lines.

☐ Too Tough For SNL Hosts

Could somebody please explain to me why almost every Saturday Night Live host is always looking off set when they perform in a sketch? It’s horribly obvious they are looking at the cue cards, and sometimes, they don’t look anywhere BUT the cue cards.

They are supposed to be professional actors who have to memorise lines, rehearse, and so on just the same as the SNL cast do. Why then do they all constantly and continuously read the cue cards? Do they not remember ANY of their lines? Is it that they are unable to learn them in only a week? Did they not go to rehearsals?

I don’t understand why they are so dependant on the cue cards when they are doing exactly what they are trained for: acting. Perhaps the rigors of a weekly sketch comedy show are tougher than those of a long movie production. If this is the case, then going in the other direction (sketch comedy to movies) should be a piece of cake.