☐ Easily uploading files to WordPress?

I need a way to easily upload files to WordPress. Currently, whenever I want to upload a program to my website (e.g., to the Synetech sub-blog) to link to, I have to go through a frustrating process of using an FTP program to upload it to a secondary account, then using an SSH program to change the file’s owner to www-data, then move it to the web-server’s data directory. It’s a real pain, especially if I have to do it a few times.

Surely there’s an easier way, surely there must be a way to upload it directly to /var/www/html/... with the www-data owner tag set.

☐ Why do heights give us sweaty palms and feet?

Why is it (in an evolutionary sense) that the palms of our hands and soles of our feet get sweaty when we are exposed to heights? This happens when we are actually in a position of being at altitude (e.g., on the edge of a roof, climbing a cliff, etc.), but also when we merely see photos or videos of others in such a position.

It makes no sense since having wet palms and feet makes it slippery and more likely to fall. This is a very counter-intuitive and backwards reaction. 🤨

Why would we evolve such a response?

☐ 2D World-Rotating Puzzle Platformer

I’m having a bafflingly difficult time trying to find a game. Around a decade ago (~2005~2010), there was a 2D platformer that involved a square maze and you had to rotate the world to alter gravity so that you could get to different areas. I recall there were colored (RGBY) keys and/or buttons to press to unlock doors.

If I recall correctly, the story was something like your sister is trapped in a dream and you need to rescue her from sleep (or maybe you play the sister and have to rescue a brother or something).

I thought it was Grief but it’s not that (it has a similar grayish pallet and some atmosphere like weather but Grief doesn’t involve rotating the world).

I’m fairly sure that the “world” is a cube that you can rotate, but you only play on one side at a time.

I’ve tried searching with numerous permutations of query terms, but have come up empty. 😕 Does anyone know what this game is called?

I’ve mocked up a screenshot:

Mockup of unknown 2D puzzle platformer
What is this 2D world-rotating puzzle platformer?