☐ Comic-book Gargoyle Character

When I was a small kid (~1983), my parents were running a Beckers convenience store and I remember one night, my mother took my sister and I there to pick up my sister’s father to go home. We hung around for a bit until his shift ended and he gave me a comic-book because it was missing the cover and so couldn’t be sold. It was my first and nearly only comic-book ever. I remember reading it on the way home or at home (though I don’t know if I was able to read at that point, so I might have just looked at it 🤔).

I recall the main character in the comic was some sort of large creature like a gargoyle, and a lot of the images of it were in silhouette. The only scene I remember well was of him sitting on a window-ledge of a building (which I suppose is appropriate for a gargoyle).

I tried looking it up, but the Disney show from 1994 queers the search. Even if I try to filter it out, the closest I can find is a character name (The) Gargoyle which is just a normal guy in a costume, but the one I remember was much larger and rounder and hunched, more like some depictions of Beast from X-Men.

Does anyone know what character that is?

This is my attempt to draw (in MSPaint) the scene of the gargoyle character sitting on the side of a building at night:

Gargoyle Comic Rendition
My attempt to draw my memory of the comic-book with a gargoyle character. No, he’s not reading a book, I just can’t draw.