☑ Local Blogger Replacement

I opened a Blogger account a while back and created several blogs under that account. I really like it, but I am trying to move away from hosted services and store blogs, forums, wikis, etc. locally.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a blogging system that I can download and run on my system that is like Blogger. The best candidates I have tested are WordPress and TextPattern, however neither seems to have the simplicity or multi-blog capability of Blogger.

So basically, I am looking for a blogging system that can be locally hosted that can host multiple blogs under a single account (dashboard).

☑ Auto-Incrementing Build Version Macro for VS.NET (2003)

A few years ago I added a macro to my installation of Visual Studio 2003 to automatically increment the build number whenever I re-built the project. It worked just fine, closing any resources if open, without the warning about the resources being opened outside of the dev-env, and without having to move the version block to an RC2 file.

I recently had to repair my installation and have lost that macro. I have searched everywhere and cannot for the life of me find it. I have checked my drive to see if I can find the file to reinstall it, but the only candidates that it could be turned out to not work. The Internet has likewise proven fruitless. Most of the available ones are now for VS2005 and VS2008.

Does anyone know of a VS2003 macro that closes open resources and automatically increments the version number in the RC file on building?

☑ Reading Error Term

I remember a fascinating (and fun) section in one of my Psychology courses in University. It was about language, specifically reading (that’s why I’m certain it was in my Psychology of Language course) where we learned about errors in word recognition. Some of the errors we learned included the alteration of the first letter of a word. For example reading Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos as Tales of the Mthulhu Cythos. I remember there being about four different ways that such a thing can occur, including moving a letter forward to another word, moving a letter backward, and switching a word. I strongly remember one of these using the term perseveration although the term perseveration clearly is incorrect since it means something completely different. I am fairly certain that it started with a “P” and had something like “serv” in it.

Does anyone know what I am thinking of?