☑ Local Blogger Replacement

I opened a Blogger account a while back and created several blogs under that account. I really like it, but I am trying to move away from hosted services and store blogs, forums, wikis, etc. locally.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a blogging system that I can download and run on my system that is like Blogger. The best candidates I have tested are WordPress and TextPattern, however neither seems to have the simplicity or multi-blog capability of Blogger.

So basically, I am looking for a blogging system that can be locally hosted that can host multiple blogs under a single account (dashboard).

2 thoughts to “☑ Local Blogger Replacement”

  1. For the record (and obviously), I ended up going with WordPress. WordPress-MultiUser was incorporated into WordPress 3, so now it has the multi-site functionality that I was looking for.

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